Placing an Order

pink tourmaline
You might notice, as you browse our site, that there are no "buy now" buttons or shopping cart options for making purchases instantly. This is not by accident.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the perfect gem for their specific needs, whether it is a pre-cut gem or a commissioned piece. We believe that a deliberate conversation is the absolute best way to ensure that we're successful in making that happen. To that end, Jeff White responds personally to each gem stone purchase request by email or by phone, in an effort to ensure that our customers have the most comfortable buying experience possible. To some that might seem old-fashioned, but to us it is the most natural way to do business.

We realize that purchasing anything substantial online, especially something as valuable as a gemstone, can be an unsettling experience. That is one of the primary reasons that we take this personal approach to completing transactions with our customers.


Buying it

Emerald, sapphire, and padparadscha

Purchasing from JL White Fine Gemstones usually takes place in one of two ways:

For either of these situations, moving forward with a purchase is as simple as contacting us. Jeff will personally discuss the gem(s) with you to ensure there are no questions and will guide you through the steps of completing the purchase. With regard to payment, we offer a number of convenient options, including PayPal, credit cards (also administered through, and bank-to-bank wire transfers.


Shipping it

Once payment has been made, delivery is available by a number of different methods. The United States Postal Service provides the default shipping options utilized by J.L. White Fine Gemstones: insured Priority Mail for domestic shipments and insured Global Express Mail for international shipments.


Loving it (or not)

Our primary objective is to make sure that our customers are thrilled with their purchases! Buying gemstones online presents unique challenges, due to the sometimes unpredictable output of computer monitors, the difficulty in interpreting photos online, and the lack of performance "feedback" that one gets by holding a gem in-hand. For those reasons, we work to be as accommodating as possible and offer a return policy that ensures our customers have a reasonable amount of time to review and feel comfortable with their purchase. For both pre-cut and commissioned gemstones, we offer a seven-day review period, during which a gem may be returned no questions asked. Please note that a 15% non-refundable deposit is required for commissioned work, and shipping charges are generally not refundable.


For complete information regarding our payment, shipping, and return/refund policies, please visit our Policies page.