J.L. White Fine Gemstones offers both pre-cut gems and custom cutting services for our clients.

Gems Currently Available
Browse our selection of pre-cut gems. These gemstones are ready for your display case or fine jewelry. Because most of our business comes through the custom faceting channel, you'll find that the number of stones in this section is relatively small. However, we hope you'll agree that the quality is second-to-none.
Custom Cutting
By far, the majority of our work is via the custom cutting (or commissioned) route. We have an extensive selection of rough available for immediate cutting. We don't list the inventory on this site simply because the list is long and is constantly changing. Don't know exactly what you want? Don't worry. We would be more than happy to help you find a gem that is perfect for your particular situation.
Place an order
Please follow this link to learn more about how to place an order. This section contains information that applies to purchases of both pre-cut and custom-cut gems.