Please browse to the gallery of your choice below. Please note that all items (both gems and jewelry) featured here have sold and are placed here for viewing enjoyment only.

Sold Gemstones
We often receive requests for examples of our work. Whether for the purposes of inspiration for a particular project, to get a better idea of the quality of work offered by J.L. White Fine Gemstones, or purely for pleasure, we hope you enjoy our gallery of sold gems.
Client Jewelry
Please follow this link to see examples of the wonderful things clients are doing with our gems. If you have a finished piece of jewelry that you would like to have featured in this jewelry gallery, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Other Eye Candy
We sometimes take photos for one reason or another, and they don't really fit neatly into either of the above categories. Usually, these pictures are simply deleted once their purpose is fulfilled. Other times, however, there is something really beautiful or interesting about them that makes us want to share them with you! You'll find those photos here.